Bridging the Gap

Bridging The Gap

Between design, operations and patient care…

Sarah has spent countless hours interviewing not only architects and builders, but families, patients and staff at all levels, to guarantee that design does not compromise excellent patient care. She is focused on making sure that her clients are acutely aware of the close association between an esthetically pleasing design and the satisfaction of staff working within the walls being built.

“When your staff is happy, they are more productive and efficient, which leads to improved patient experience. The key is to stay competitive in the marketplace while looking at design beyond trend and traditional function and, creating a symbiotic relationship between functioning spaces and healing environments.” – Sarah Mueller

Sustainable Practices

Between logistics, sustainability and best practices…

Throughout the years, Sarah’s philosophy has also aided various projects in advancing healthcare operations and logistics, while balancing programmatic need and architectural design. Her keen eye can review plans and drawings to ensure all requirements are met while adhering to architectural design and paying attention to institutional needs. In efforts to enhance her capabilities as a professional, she received her LEED ® certification in 2009. As a LEED certified accredited professional, Sarah aids clients when developing new construction plans and in renovating existing locations. She ensures that her clients build sustainable buildings, using best practices in decision making.  Her expertise ranges from creating budgets that don’t cut corners at the expense of sustainability, to project longevity and energy efficiency.

“To be sustainable a building must incorporate more than just energy efficient practices. One must think not individually in terms of site planning, water management, energy, material use or interior environmental quality. To be truly dedicated to the mission of sustainability, projects should be approached globally and innovatively. It is important to not only focus on the moment you break ground, but to think into the future in terms of how the building(s) will function. You need to think logistically about future occupant’s needs and sustainable resource dissemination.” – Sarah Mueller

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